When you partner with Reliable Dental Laboratory, you and your patients benefit from the flawless work of our skilled technicians.  We take care of your laboratory needs so that you can take care of your patients.

As a full service laboratory, we also can handle repairs, often within the same day, particularly for members of our Doctor’s Loyalty Program.  Some of our services can be done at your office, chair side, with advance notice.  We will work with you to make sure your patient's needs are met and that the fit and function of their dental products is the best it can be. 

Ask us about:
o Repairs
o Relines – Hard
o Relines – Soft
o Rebase
o Bite Block
o Custom Trays

Warranties and Guarantees
We work hard to make sure you, your staff, and your patients are satisfied with everything we do. RDL offers an Industry Leading Warranty on every restoration we make**.

** For details on our warranty please call as general rules and guide lines do apply.

Our Dental products

Here’s a list of our products, all skillfully crafted by our master technicians:

Fixed, Crown & Bridge
o IPS e.max
o IPS Empress
o Empress 2
o Inlay/Onlay
o Captek
o Lava Ultimate
o Lava/Zirconia (Including Porcelain Application)
o Full Zirconia Crown (Bruxism)
o Porcelain Fused to Gold, High Nobel, Nobel, Non-Precious, N-B Free and Tilite
o Composite Restoration (nano-hybrid)
o Maryland Bridge
o Acrylic Temporary
o Post/Core
o Diagnostic Wax-Up
o Full Cast Crown
o Full Cast Noble

Removables, Dentures, Guards & Sleep Appliances
Full Dentures

o Complete Denture
o AED (avoid embarrassment denture)
o Premium Teeth
o Implant Denture
o In-Office Conversion

Cast Chrome & Flexible Partial
o Cast Chrome Complete Partial Denture
o Cast Chrome Partial w/2 Flexible Clasps
o Swing Latch Partial
o Flexible Partial Denture
o Premium Teeth

Splints & Nightguards
o Acrylic Hard/Soft
o Thermoguard

Implant Services
o Implant Crowns
o Complex Cases and/or more than 4 units
o All-On-4 Service
o Conversion
o Custom Abutments

o Essix Retainer
o Nance Appliance
o Hawley Retainer
o Clasp/Springs

Call 972-272-5511 for more information on any of the products listed on this page.