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Please email Diona Brennan, let us know the names of those attending (which Doc would like to be hands on, we will confirm by email if a hands on space is available) and the proper spelling of their names as needed for the CE certificate.

Rdl offers free CE Hours

Continuing Education Hours Schedule(CE Hours)
RDL has the Technical Expertise and Knowledge to provide and host Accredited Continuing Education (CE Hours), our staff and our facilities are perfect for local CE courses. If the venue needs to regional (example: a new subject everyone wants in on) we will partner with one or more of our professional "Alliances" and choose a venue big enough to for all of North Texas. Even if you can't make a course that you are interested in that's OK, our technicians will be there so if you have a question on a new product, new technique, RDL has the answer just give us a call. RDL has become a valuable resource and trusted partner for all RDA's, Dentists and Oral Surgeons in North Texas. This is a great benefit for you and your staff, when you're busy and need to get a technical question answered right the first time, you now have a trusted resource to call on.

Free CE Hours
For Information on how to get your CE Hours Free, see our "Doctor's Loyalty program". Its simple just use us as your preferred lab*

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